Fundamental research and technology development.

Isource is a Norwegian research- and developing institution. Its focus is to develop new physics which can explain all sides of nature in. We also develop new technologies to improve industrial processes, which has resulted in several patents. Isource and Bent Rolf Pettersen has also published books within physics and astrophysics.

An atom with gravity tracks (ilefos tracks), dielectricity tracks, nucleus and uni particles.


Through decades of intense research, we still have not been able to find answers to natures basic like: What is gravitation? What is dark energy and dark matter?
Our present theories often use hypothetical elements to make them work, and the theories often lack a clear cause-effect explanation. A correct theory of physics must work with quantum mechanics and astrophysics. We have several approaches to this, but none seem to give a clear universal cause-effect explanation.

Why can’t we find answers to the basic questions of nature and reconcile quantum mechanics and astrophysics? Are we bound within scientific a framework which do not allow answers to these questions? Are we working within a research paradigm that cannot provide us with solutions? Could the lack of answers be an indication that we need a paradigmatic debate? Do we need a paradigm shift within research?

Isource focus on creating a new model is a of physics which seem to work within quantum mechanics and astrophysics. This model, the ilefos model, seems to be able to explain dark energy, dark matter and universal dynamics like matter, stars, black holes and the accelerating expansion of the universe.

An extended version of the ilefos model also have explanation of Big Bangs and the grand universe outside our visible universe.

This is a qualitative alternative conceptual model which may form the basis for a new understanding of physics.

Hopefully this model can open up for a better understanding of nature and our universe.

The model is based on analyzing the properties if different energies. How different energy units react to similar or different energies, create forces. Our physics is based on the reaction between energies.

Energies can be concentrated and organized in energy systems, like we see in atoms and other quark groups. How they behave, grow and dissolve, is the basis of our nature. This explanation can also explain universal phenomena like gravity, dark energy, dark matter, stars and black holes.

This model and its physics are the topic of several articles and books:

“From atoms to the universe”, Bent Rolf Pettersen 2022.

“The Atom – An Organism”, Bent Rolf Pettersen 2024, Nova Science Publishers.

“The universal dynamics and Big Bangs” Bent Rolf Pettersen, (upcoming publication) 2024/2025.


Isource has developed several technologies together with partners. The company has developed several patents based on research and production development.

Please contact us if you have a project in which you want to improve.

This company is based on patents developed by Isource:

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“If you have a problem you can’t solve, you might have to start over and attack it with a different approach. What seem insolvable often have a solution if you change the rules and your angle of attack.

This also applies to science. Why can’t we find answers to nature’s most basic questions? Are we working within an unsolvable framework?”

Bent Rolf Pettersen

Isource AS